Managing your properties can be difficult and stressful. If you do not live in the same town where the investment property is located, it can be time consuming and almost impossible to keep up. We provide a comprehensive program to make your life easier as an investor.

Weichert Realtor Tralee Properties begins the process by meeting to discuss your home and the goals you have with your property investment portfolio.

Please look though our comprehensive rental services listed below which cover all aspects of managing your investment.

Leasing Services:

    • Advertising and promotion of your property using both consumer & Realtor focused mediums
    • Access to state-of-the-art industry showing center which provides maximum exposure and feedback of your property
    • Assistance with proper rental pricing to maximize return on investment
    • Preparation of our exclusive leasing agreement for each property
    • Verification of employment information, including past rental history and credit/background checks on applicants
    • Review of all applications and assistance in determining which tenants are best for your property
    • Preparation of a legally binding lease for your use

We believe that 90% of the success in real estate rental investment involves selecting the right tenant. With nearly 40 years of property management experience, we can help ensure quality tenants for your properties.

Property Management Services:

    • Facilitate 100% of management duties or customize level of service to fit specific needs
    • Coordinate and oversee repairs and improvements
    • Collection of rent and other charges
    • Serving required eviction notices, contracting Attorney, court appearances and forced move outs
    • Manage funds in accordance with all Federal, State and Local regulations in a clearly marked Trust Account, provide disbursements, and provide detailed monthly accounting statements
    • Electronic payments of rent and owner payments
    • Conduct a property condition inspection report before and after tenant moves
    • Point of contact for all emergency needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Budget assistance for both operations and capital improvements
    • Rental property registrations as required by local ordinances
    • Pre-screen vendors who are insured and where applicable, licensed
    • Offer financial and accounting professional to handle the bookkeeping
    • Owner’s and Tenant’s online portals for real time access to your account

We understand property management and rentals. We personally have rentals ourselves. Let us shoulder your responsibilities of property management.